Our company offers a complete assortment of adhesives from all areas of use. We've gained the greatest experience from industrial adhesives and in the foodstuff industry.

The most frequently used adhesives include:

  • EVA-based hot melt adhesives (so-called topless box gluing)
  • NEW PRODUCT - hot melt adhesive on a metallocene basis, used similarly as EVA, but of course with much better parameters, mainly in regards to:
    • higher bulk weight
    • resistant to oxidation and combustion
    • doesn't contaminate machine
    • increased adhesion to all surfaces
    • lower consumption by 20-40%
  • resin-based hot melt adhesives - so-called permanently adhesive (affixing labels to PET bottles)
  • PUR polyurethane adhesives (used mainly in industry)
  • dispersion adhesives (affixing labels to glass, metal)

All adhesives have international hygienic certifications FDA 175.105 "Adhesives" and BgVV, Paragraph XXV, for use in food industry, quality certificate ISO 9001, 9002, hygienic certificate, file no.: CZŽP 21 - 3624 / 00, EX 413011, issued by SZÚ Praha. This includes technical and safety certificates.

Areas of use: adhesives for automotive industry, paper, packages, beverages, books, furniture, wood, insulation materials, insulation padding systems, etc.

We also provide consultation in the area of adhesive application, mainly proposal of type, character of use, setting speed and thermal resistance of the glued joint.

Aside from customer satisfaction, we also place great emphasis on ecology, and we are therefore included in the EKO-KOM system.